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Similes and Their Use, Grenville Kleiser

Similes and Their Use, Grenville KleiserНазвание: Similes and Their Use
Автор: Grenville Kleiser
Издательство: Grosset & Dunlap
Год: 1925
Страниц: 381
Формат: djvu
Размер: 3.97 МБ
Качество: хорошее

 Every public speaker, writer, poet, correspondent, advertising writer, etc., knows the value of the simile to give vividness and color to his style of expression. Yet no use of ornamentation in the written or spoken language is subject to such dangers and abuses as the simile.

 In this book the author tells you how to use the simile, the form and kind to use, and when to avoid it through risk of artificiality and the danger of becoming trite and obvious. He tells you, also, how many of the world's keenest minds have employed the simile successfully, and under the three headings: PROSE, POETRY and BIBLE he gives thousands of the choicest similes in all English literature.

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